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Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm officially graduated!

YAYYYY!!! i just finished my MBBS course! yippee!
only God knows how much i sacrificed to be here
n i am happy that i make my parents n family proud
btw, i got Kartagener for long case, hepatosplenomegaly + fibroid + neck swelling for my short cases
but the examiners are super NICE!
thank you Allah!

today i just registered to MMC n get my licence
so now i'm officially not a student anymore!

Friday, November 23, 2012


tetiba rasa macam kena buli secara indirectly.. hmm... next week i'll become tougher n will make sure that they follow my fingers...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

a new day!

i havent updating in such a long time! the reason being is im busy n had no time to write.. another reason is that i noticed that i kept posting about depressing stuffs here, making me even more depressed when i re-read them.. but, now that i come back, lets write about things that happened in these few months!

1) first n foremost, my birthday! yayyy!
my GREAT friends made me a video for my birthday!
they put lots of effort on it.. n it does show how much they knew me in there.. i nearly cried, but as i continued watching it, my tears suddenly shot up back into my eyes as i saw them post all the UGLY pictures of mine! what da ,,,,,! n i heard them said that all my beautiful pictures were not showing my truth sides, so they chose the ugly ones instead.. ok, im quite agree to that.. hahaha!

2) then, chem is ENGAGED!! wahhh!! CONGRATZ dear!!!! i neva thought she would engaged this fast!

3) my friend is PREGNANT!! also CONGRATZ!!! well, i know it's not easy to be pregnant while still studying, but i really wish u the best!

3) i went to Singapore AGAIN!! this time i went to the Harry Potter Exhibition n also National Zoo of S'pore.. both were nice but expensive! but, what did u expect? it's singapore.. i did try to save my money as much as i can while i'm there.. luckily im a stingy person, so i managed to save quite a lot compared to my other friends..

4) me at Obstetric posting n succeeded to deliver more than 5 babies.. yay!! but i'll neva wanna do those again.. it's tiring n i felt like my spine was going to break into pieces! my back was very painful plus i didnt get enough sleep.. imagine, the HO work following their shift which was only 12 hours but us, the students need to work more than 24 hours without sleep.. n b'cos of that, everytime i had oncall i developed post-call manic the next day in class..

5) i had my posting at Banting which was SUPER FUN! my groupmates were amazing! there were no racism like any other groups and we managed to keep things calm n peaceful without any major conflicts while staying there for a month. the room was nice, except that the weather at Banting kept changing from hot to rainy days.. so i didnt have a chance to cycle there (alasan! huh!).. overall, i LOVE banting except that it made me fatter (I put on a few kilos.. arghh!) n i used lots of money there..
oh, ya, i learnt CHO TA TI there! it's a fun game! u really need to use ur brain to play it n it is very addicting especially if u r the winning side, haha (i didnt gamble, OK)

ok, tomorrow will be the start of a new day, a new posting.. n guess what, it's my favourite but most depressing posting of all! PAEDIATRIC!! wish me luck guys!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Little Women & Good Wives

my most beloved novel all the time by Louisa M. Alcott
actually i started to know about the novel only when i accidentally watched the movie when i was in Form 1.. n i cried, especially during the scene where Teddy proposed Jo and got rejected, and he miserably left for Europe...
so, i started to find the novel.. n now i got 2 Little Women novels at home (different version), n Good Wives.. n also Little Men if you want to count the sequel, eventhough it is mainly about Jo's n Teddy's children.. i haven't read Jo's Boys but i dont think i will like it..

Little Women is a nice story about a family back in time where people involved with wars, girls rarely go to school, wearing those fluffy gowns, and looking for match by the age of 15 or 16.. the story started with this 4 March girls; Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy; plus her mother and a nanny.. their dad went to serve the war.. so, this little women were supporting each other especially Jo who acted as the guy at home.. loved reading and writing, Jo was one of the educated lady in their time, as well she was ambitious..

and there was a highly status neighbour, named Laurie (called Teddy by his Jo) and his grandfather who helped supporting this poor family..

as the story goes on, i really do ship Laurie-Jo couple.. and so thus majority of the girls in the era where the novel was published, which is probably 150 years back i think.. but as Louisa M. Alcott said, she will never let the couple be together, and sticking to her words, after few years Good Wives were out and there laid the most heartbreaking chapter i've ever read.. each time i read the chapter, from many different versions (original or teenagers versions) i cried.. i kept asking myself, why on earth they weren't together eventhough we can see clearly how they match together and how much Laurie loves Jo..

and at last, Laurie married Amy as Jo married Bhaer, who i did not like.. but then i proceeded to Little Men, and i felt in love with Bhaer.. he's nice and caring.. but my love to him is not as much as i love Teddy, who in those whole years, married to Jo's sister, but still care for his beloved 'friend', Jo..

but actually, that heartbreaking chapter, is what make the novel memorable (including few scenes like when Jo sold her hair to save the father, her father coming home, and Beth died due to Scarlet Fever)... but i really hope one day, there will be a good fanfiction to read about Jo-Laurie shipping to conclude all these 'mess' in my heart and fulfill my desire..

Sunday, May 6, 2012

tear-jerky drama/movie

Japanese Drama
- Hoshi no Kinka 1 & 2
- Koizora
- Tatta hitotsu no koi
- Majo no jouken
- Bara nai no hanaya
- 1 litre of tears
- Zeni geba

- Stairway to heaven
- Thank You
- Will it snow for christmas
- Bad guy

if movies, i recommended any movie by Cha Tae Hyun
- Hello Ghost
- Speedy Scandal
- Sassy Girl

Japanese movie